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Music Video Project
(Freaky Things)



Me, Derek Chan (Integrated Design & Media, Class of 2023) and Yilin Zhang (Interactive Telecommunications Program, Class of 2023) created this immersive and interactive project using Unreal Engine. The avatar's movements were performed by Genggeng Wu and the song, Freaky Things, was composed by Brad Davis.

I focused on the environmental and audio reactive particle systems, while Yilin modeled the environment and created the lighting system for each of the three scenes. Derek designed an interactive user interface that allows us to manipulate the color and intensity of the big head's eyes and change the appearance of the dancing figure through clicking or sliding the parameters.

OptiTrack (Brooklyn Navy Yard) + MotionBuilder + Unreal Engine/Blueprints + Cinema 4D + UE Niagara system + UE Interactive User Interface

Genggeng Wu is our performer and used OptiTrack to capture the motion.

We presented our work on the LED wall at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

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