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About me
How did I get here
What inspires me

I have been creating generative art using custom systems that I built for a few years. During my experimentation, I discovered that the randomness function in the program was not truly random and often resulted in consistent patterns. However, I wanted more dynamic and real-time changes in motion and color, so I was introduced to the concept of unpredictability, which allows external elements to create more variability. I have been using human motion as an external element to enhance unpredictability in my work. 


My current research aimed to explore unique aesthetics through the use of human motion

as unpredictable elements in a complex system, the World. According to the distinguished

researchers, they all highlighted the importance of human motion of interacting with others

as humans constructed social systems while being together. I wanted to visually depict

this transition through a virtual world and convey a message to the audience about the origins of our world, rooted in human interaction, and the complex social systems that have emerged as a result.


I am continually exploring new techniques to harness the full potential of body motions to create innovative visual phenomena.


Unreal Engine (Blueprints/Niagara VFX System)

Unity (VFX Graph)



Autodesk MotionBuilder



Processing and P5.js

Siemens NX

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