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Object Theatre & Motion Capture


This immersive project in Unreal Engine was inspired by my interest in the concept of "Intercorporeality" as proposed by Merleau-Ponty, which suggests that we experience the world through our bodies and actions. I wanted to explore how objects can interact with a virtual world through a game engine like Unreal Engine. The box-shaped object in the project moves based on motion capture data that I recorded at the RLab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

OptiTrack (Brooklyn Navy Yard) + Unreal Engine/Blueprints + UE Niagara System

I captured this movement by running around the lab with the ball and repeatedly throwing it into the air.

Before creating this work, I created individual effects that I intended to use in it. The first video demonstrates these effects, including a diffusion effect and how to trigger Niagara effects using a sequencer.

The second video demonstrates how to calculate the distance between the actor's location and the tile floor in the blueprint and send this value to the Niagara effects every time the actor moves.

The third video shows how to use audio to generate different magnitudes based on the spectrum.

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