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AI-Powered Creativity & Motion

MocopiScene_AI - frame at 0m4s.jpg


Incorporating AI within game engines to enhance creativity and elevate overall quality is currently gaining significant popularity. While creating works within game engines, I often grappled with decisions regarding what to use as backdrop images and where to find suitable references. In this project, I endeavored to harness the power of Generative AI from the software like Midjourney and Blockade Labs to both inspire the creative process and enhance the overall quality of the work.


I used Mocopi, developed by Sony, for motion capture, which made it easier and faster, but more cost-effective to capture the performer's motions compared to using OptiTrack.


Unreal Engine/Blueprints/Materials + Niagara VFX System + Sony Mocopi (Motion Capture) + Generative AI (Blockade Labs and Midjourney)

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