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The title of the thesis work is "Trace", which was chosen with the intention of emphasizing the impact that our motions have on the world around us. I hope audiences recognize that every action we take leaves a trail or mark, and it is these traces that serve as the foundation for the world we inhabit. The goal was to enhance the visual quality of the work and create unexpected aesthetics by using the particle system, but it was worth emphasizing that everything in the world was made up of particles, from living beings to objects and their surroundings. Through this, I wanted to create a smooth connection between the movement in the work and the particle system to give the audience a sense of immersion. By applying the particle system to the work, I would like to convey the concept that everything in the world is related to each other while inspiring the audience with wonder and curiosity through unpredicted phenomena. I mainly used Unreal Engine and Houdini to create visual effects, textures, environments, 3D models, lighting systems, and I got 3D avatars from my advisor, Todd J. Bryant, and motion capture from Mixamo.

Unreal Engine/Blueprints + Houdini + Niagara VFX System + Mixamo (Motion Capture)

The early version was awarded an Honorable Metion in the Epic Games' Unreal Challenge: Spellar Performance

Demo Early Version:

Awarded an Honorable Mention in the Epic Games' Unreal Challenge: Spellar Performance

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