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Banish the Bots

Stewart Platform / Ride Simulation + Unreal Engine #2

Elevator Pitch

Welcome to our fabulous immersive ride, Banish the Bots! Our great adventure will begin, once you are seated on an enhanced motion vehicle. Our cute but brave leader from the Protectors of the Forest, Raccoon, needs your help to investigate one mysterious case. Just follow him! On our fantastic journey, you’ll see enchanted forests and mysterious creatures from the base camp to the time you face the bots. As you go deeper into the forest, the magic increases, there will be more cool creatures deepening your interest toward the woods. The plants will whisper to alert you to the presence of danger alongside the trip. and you will suddenly meet with the bots. Then, you have to lure them to a volcano while avoiding their horrifying laser attacks in order to not hurt the forest. However, please do not worry! Our brave squad leader, Raccoon, will always be with you! Once you reach the summit of the volcano, there will be fierce battles with the bots, and you will defend the planet by joining forces with the fire spirit to banish all the bots.

Stewart Platform + Max/MSP + Unreal Engine/Blueprints + UE Niagara System

This is the final visual that our group created.

The images below demonstrate the process our group followed in developing our environment.

To create the environment prototype, we gathered materials from our surroundings and physically constructed it. We then used the Reality Scan app to scan the prototype and generate 3D scanned data. After cleaning and converting the data into an FBX file, we imported it into Unreal Engine and added lighting to bring the environment to life.

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