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Bufferfly in the Subway



I worked with my classmate, Jiyun Yao, on a project as part of our "Amusement Park" class, which focuses on using game engine technology, virtual reality, physical computing, and mechanics to create digital characters and narrative works.

Physical Computing + Max/MSP + Unreal Engine/Blueprints + UE Niagara System


We are using Unreal Engine for our project, but the asset we obtained from the Marketplace had an overly bright sky and lighting system that did not suit our needs. I removed the existing lighting and environment and reconstructed them, and also created a flocking system to simulate realistic butterfly movements.


With the help of my teammate Jiyun, we developed Arduino codes and circuits that allow the fan to activate when the camera collides with an invisible collision box in Unreal Engine. We used Max patch to receive and send data between the two systems.

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